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This article is expected to be available to you from the beginning of September. Under "Email when available" you have the option of being informed about the availability of the replacement battery by email.

Overview of replacement batteries for the StreetOne eScooter

For some time now, e-scooters have been the most modern cityMeans of transportation in the market and with good reason. Because with them you are able to cover exactly those distances that are on the one hand too long to walk and on the other too short to drive. Also requiren E-scooter no physical exertion and you can often save the bus ticket.

That is why we at Maginon have had theeScooter StreetONE on offer for you. An electric scooter withStreet legal andLicense plate holderhaving a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour offers and about whole100 kg load capacity disposes. How fast the scooter should be, you can choose from three different speed levels 7, 11 and 20 kilometers per hour..

At Maginon we also offer one Replacement battery for the StreetOne eScooter. With a guarantee of up to 6 months , you can easily replace it yourself with the help of our instructions. Just have a look at our Explanatory video on.

Instructions for replacing the battery of the StreetONE eScooter

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