Wireless charger with magnet
Wireless charger with magnet
Wireless charger with magnet
Wireless charger with magnet
Wireless charger with magnet

Wireless charger with magnet


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Maginon kabelloses Ladegerät mit MagnetMaginon Ladegerät mit Magnet

More and more smartphones can use electromagnetic induction to be charged. However, anyone who thinks that they only have to spend little money on high-quality chargers is often wrong. The reason for this is that many manufacturers often pay dearly for their chargers because their brand is immortalized on them.

Quite different with Maginon. We offer high quality for a low price – which also applies to this product. The HV-W68A electromagnetic induction charger. It is a wireless charger with magnet that is about a 1.2 meter USB-C cable disposes.

Even Apple's MagSafe is supported in this. MagSafe stands for one magnetic device charging port , in which the device to be charged docks to the charger via magnets. It is not necessary to plug in cables and the magnet ensures that the charger does not slip and the Charging not interrupted (this feature is only possible with the new iPhone 12).

Maginon's wireless charger with magnet supports that too Charging with Qi . With his electromagnetic induction charging technology It is therefore also suitable for all smartphones or headphones, for example, that can be charged via Qi.

Maginon Ladegerät mit Magnet

With its weight of only 65 grams and its diameter of only 6 centimeters, you can also put it on very easily Take trips with you , whereby you should be careful onesuitable power supply to have with you.

  • Super light charger for wireless charging of devices using electromagnetic induction
  • Suitable for all smartphone models with wireless charging function
  • Enables automatic adjustment of the output power to the end device
  • Offers all the necessary charging protection functions for your smartphone (e.g. protection against overtemperature, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuits)
  • 1.2 m long USB-C cable
  • Quick and easy
  • Modern and stylish


Technical specifications
Input voltage: (compatible with QC / AFC-PD protocol)
5 V / 2 A 9 V / 2 A 12 V / 1.5 A A
Output power: (automatic adaptation of the mobile phone)
Max. 15 W (compatible with 10 W, 7.5 W, 5 W)
Output current: 1 A 1.67 AA
Output voltage: 5V 9VV
Maximum efficiency: 7.5 W / 76%
Loading distance: 5 mm
connection: 1.2 m USB-C cable
Charging method: Magnetic alignment, electromagnetic induction
Working frequency:
110 205 kHzz
diameter 6 cm
Product weight: 65 g
Downloads: To the download center

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