ZEISS smartphone cleaning wipes
ZEISS smartphone cleaning wipes
ZEISS smartphone cleaning wipes
ZEISS smartphone cleaning wipes

ZEISS smartphone cleaning wipes


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Smartphone-ReinigungstücherStreifenfreies Finish - entfernt Fingerabdrücke

ZEISS smartphone cleaning wipes without alcohol

The new ZEISS smartphone cleaning wipes without alcohol are the professional solution for a thorough and gentle cleaning of your Smartphone displays and other optical surfaces.

the high quality, microfine pulp and the new combination of active ingredients have been tested by Colts (a leading independent testing laboratory in the USA). The results show: ZEISS smartphone cleaning wipes do not attack the display or any protective films. The new, alcohol-free ZEISS smartphone cleaning wipes clean thoroughly and streak-free .

Instructions for use

  1. With the still folded, damp cleaning cloth gently wipe over the display surface and remove the coarse dirt
  2. Above all, pick up dirt in the corners and on the edge
  3. Unfold the cloth and clean the display thoroughly

May cause an allergic skin reaction. Keep out of the reach of children

Sanfte effektive Formel

The ZEISS brand

The company history of ZEISS is full of interesting facts about Carl Zeiss and its subsidiaries in Germany. Famous scientists have won awards and Nobel Prizes while working with the products. The headquarters of Zeiss AG is in Oberkochen (Baden-Württemberg).

That Lens portfolio from ZEISS offers a range of different product solutions. Whatever vision problems the customer may be facing, they can rely on finding the right product for their needs in the ZEISS portfolio..

the ZEISS cleaning solutions Not only gently and conveniently remove dirt, dust or grease from your glasses.

  • 60 cleaning cloths
  • Easily removes fingerprints, grease and dirt
  • Gentle but effective formula that won't scratch your device
  • Quick-drying cellulose tissues for a streak-free finish
  • For at home or on the go
  • The wet wipes are quick to hand and effective
  • Cloths with a particularly fine structure that cleans the display of your smartphone extremely gently
  • Suitable for all smartphone displays and other devices (tablets, e-readers and notebooks)


Technical specifications
Ingredients / Ingredients:

scope of delivery
  • 1x box with 60 individually packed smartphone cleaning wipes