What is allowed to do with a drone?

Was darf man mit einer Drohne und was nicht?

Drones offer great potential, both privately and commerciallyh. More and more people are using it. The more drones rise, the greater the risk of collisions, crashes or accidents. Clear rules are therefore required for the use of drones in order to open up opportunities for the technology of drones and at the same time to significantly increase safety in airspace.

An overview of the most important rules

... at model airfields

  • If you only fly your flying object on a model flying site, you can do it unchanged. The new rules only apply outside of model airfields. The only exception: you have to put a sticker with the name and address of the owner.

... for owners of drones or model aircraft weighing more than 0.25 kilograms

  • You must affix a badge with the owner's name and address.

... for owners of drones or model aircraft with a weight of more than 2.0 kg

  • You must have a badge with the name and address of theAttach owner.

  • They also need special knowledgeto prove. Evidence is either given after a test by a body recognized by the Federal Aviation Office or, in the case of model aircraft, by an air sports association after a briefing.

... for owners of drones or model aircraft with a weight of more than 5.0 kg

  • You also need an ascent permit, which is issued by the state aviation authorities.

... for controllers who fly their flying object more than a hundred meters high - outside of model flying areas

  • This is basically forbidden for drone controllersAn official exemption can be obtained from theState aviation authorities can be requested.

  • Controllers of model aircraft need knowledgeProof of knowledge.

  • Generally, drones and model aircraft are only allowed inVisibility to be flown.

The general rule

Drones or model aircraft must always avoid manned aircraft.

Forbidden is

  • Any disability or danger,

  • The operation of drones or model aircraft in and over sensitive areas such as locations of

    Police and rescue workers, crowds of people, main traffic routes, arrival and departure areas of airports,

  • Operation of a drone or a model aircraft weighing more than 0.25 kilograms over residential property. The same applies if the flying object, regardless of its weight, is able to receive, transmit or record optical, acoustic or radio signals.n.

Source: Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Invalidenstrasse 44 10115 Berlin. Last updated March 2020