How shipping to "DHL Packstation" works

So funktioniert der Versand an eine DHL Packstation

Receive your packages when it suits you best. To do this, select a Packstation near you from over 5,000 locations and enter it in theordering process as the delivery address.

How to order your shipment to a Packstation

To receive your shipment at a packing station, enter it as the delivery address in three easy steps.

Ansicht Formular bei Bestellung mit Packstation


  1. Enter your first and last name in the fieldAdditional addressYour personal customer number, also called a post number. You can find this on your DHL customer card or in the DHL Paket app.. 
  2. In the street field "Packstation" and in the house number field, write the three-digit number of your desired Packstation.
  3. Now just enter the postcode and the location of the desired packing station.
    - Finished.

You will be sent via email and push in theDHL Parcel App informs you as soon as you can pick up your package at the packing station.

Please note that delivery to a packing station is only suitable for shipments up to 60x35x35 cm with a maximum of 31.5 kg!

Pick up your shipments when it suits you best. DHL will keep your package for you for nine calendar days, starting with the day it is discontinued.

Important: You need your customer card and the pick-up code from theDHL Parcel Appto remove your shipment.

This is how the DHL Packstation works