Internationaler Musiktag am 01. Oktober!

International Music Day on October 1st!

Connecting musical harmonies since time immemorial. With the World Music Day, which takes place annually on October 1st , the muse for the art of music is once again underlined and celebrated internationally worldwide .

Musical harmonies connect and have done so since time immemorial. Regardless of which nation you belong to, the borders disappear when you listen to music together. If you can't sing, you like to whistle a German proverb that emphasizes the pure joy of the moment. With the annually onm October 1st taking place World music day the muse to the music-art is underlined again and Internationally celebrated worldwide .

World Music Day and its history an international day to celebraten

The so-called „Music Day“ October 1st is celebrated annually around the world. With the conference of International Music Council 1975 (International Music Council, IMC for short), a non-governmental body, which was founded in 1949 on the advice of UNESCO, began the rapid rise of this holiday. With the first president and Founder Yehudi Menuhin from the USA, the project was successfully established worldwide. The objective of the common leisure hours is: Regional projects as well as the Cooperation, togetherness and the exchange of experience between national music committees, the 60 member states and international ones Music organizations to promote.

What effect does music have on us??

Our own body is a resonance body that can absorb external vibrations very well. Due to the own senses, every piece of music can be experienced. She only hears music when it is loud, a song by Herbert Grönemeyer, speaks to this sensitivity in a very special way. The mechanoreceptors on our skin are therefore similar to those in the inner ear.s.

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This means that every piece of music can be experienced holistically and can be enhanced by your own individual taste. The change in the heartbeat, the breathing rate and the muscle tension simultaneously lead to the release of happy hormones. This feeling of happiness can also be achieved through the common Making music and singing be evoked. The unforgettable thing about these moments is the memory, which every single one of them never forgets in his or her life.

Based on intensive sport and leisure activities, the body is sometimes exposed to more and sometimes less stress. Since this can be positive as well as negative, this is also the key to a balanced life. A piece of music provides the right sounds and lets the body run continuously with aggressive and fast music. On the other hand, those looking for the muse of tranquility should be enthusiastic about soft and calm sounds. Both types of music can be Lead to stress reduction .

While exuberance looks for an outlet, calm leads to solidity and can even relieve pain. Music therapy can thus alleviate many ailments and is used, for example, for memory problems, mood swings or similar physical ailments.

Music and children for a happy and joyful lifen

Memories that are solidified in childhood or later by listening to music can be called up again in later years. Learning and memory can therefore not only combine smells with experiences, but also what is heard. It is all the more important that musical education to encourage our children from an early age. Next to the Learning a musical instrument will be the joint participation in music-lesson to a positive and inspiring aspect in later life development.

Building bridges creatively and positively promoting learning behavior and upbringing children are the fundamentals of music lessons. The muse for concentration and quiet listening is a pleasure, which also has a positive effect on learning behavior. The catchphrase here is stimulus combination, which is fundamentally the basis of the classic learning process.

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