Turntable HS-T08
Turntable HS-T08
Turntable HS-T08
Turntable HS-T08
Turntable HS-T08
Turntable HS-T08
Turntable HS-T08
Turntable HS-T08
Turntable HS-T08
Turntable HS-T08
Turntable HS-T08

Turntable HS-T08


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Maginon HS T08 Plattenspieler

What do you associate with the word Record player? Cozy evenings in the leather armchair. Your favorite songs from the Beatles or Beach Boys. Perhaps you think of your parents and grandparents when you hear this word, or dusty moving boxes come to mind, in which many round shellac treasures from yesteryear slumberern?

If you have records at home that are just waiting for the right moment to finally regain new meaning, now is the moment.

Maginon Plattenspieler mit Bluetooth

Because at Maginon we can now offer you one USB turntable that has many exciting functions ready for you.

For example, you can not only use this turntable Play records You may not have heard in a long time, but so can you convert . This means that all you have to do is place your disk on the player and have a storage medium ready. For example a USB stick or an SD card. You can then use your Record in MP3 convert what doesn't even require a computer.

Maginon Plattenspieler

But if you just want to wake up the record from its slumber and play it back, you can of course do that with the device. Two take care of that Speakers with 2x1 RMS . RMS stands for Root Mean Square, which denotes an average power value in the relevant frequency range.

The turntable has three Turning speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm), his turntable has one 19.5 centimeters in diameter and is powered by a power supply unit.

Maginon Plattenspieler mit USB

We also have another great function of the device up our sleeve for you. Because you can also use your turntable Music from the smartphone reproduce. Simply pair it with Bluetooth with your mobile phone and you can instantly play your favorite music.

We bring a piece of nostalgia into your living room. With the USB turntable HS-T08 by Maginon.


  • USB turntable with conversion function
  • Integrated speakers with 2 x 1 W RMS (2 x 10 W PMPO) output power
  • Direct conversion (encoding) to MP3 no PC requiredh
  • 3 rotation speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm)
  • Auto stop


Technical specifications
195 mm (diameter)
Belt drive
2x 1 W RMS 2x 10 W PMPOO
USB connection, SD card connection, bluetooth
Power supply: power adapter
Download: To the download center
Scope of delivery: USB turntable, power supply, instruction manual


scope of delivery
  • 1 x USB turntable
  • 1 x power supply
  • 1 x instruction manual


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